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  • August 7, 2022
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Begin with a strong SEO Marketing strategy with Proreal entertainment

For your business’s sales and marketing funnels as well as being a great SEO strategy video is a vital part. At the time of building your video strategy, you will need to focus on working video into the rest of your marketing strategy to create a cohesive marketing plan.

Video content can take information and make it easy to interpret in a short amount of time so this is a thousand times easier to digest than text-based content. Nowadays that’s why videos get 1200% more shares than text and pictures combined.

The PROREAL offers on demand video production services backed by our industry-leading platform and methodology which is tailored to each stage of the marketing funnel from ideation to the final delivery. They will help you to grow your business and elevate your marketing strategy with video.

Here we have described some tips and tricks to build your SEO strategy,

  • Goals need to be set for your video content:

You have to outline what you want to accomplish with your videos. Different stages in your marketing funnel (awareness, consideration, and decision) should coincide with those goals.

  • Create Video Content that resonates with the audience:

First of all, you will need to keep in mind that the final user is going to be a real live human being and it is up to you to keep them engaged and watching by creating good content because SEO can only get your video on the screen of your target audience. you should know who your product or service is for, what you want them to do after they view your video, and where you can find them.

  • Use the Right keyword:

Using the right keywords in the text that supports your video or in the transcripts will be helpful when you are trying to rank because Google is not able to ‘read’ your videos. Just you need to take the time to create a description and title that can organically include those keywords.

  • Include an attractive Thumbnail:

Thumbnails will shoot up your video conversions since this is literally the first thing people see. the primary aim of any good thumbnail is to help viewers invest in the video before it starts. Thumbnail mainly convinces people to click on the video so it is even more important than your title.

  • Optimize for one video:

Google will feature only one video no matter how many videos you have on your page. So, you will need to optimize for the first video that you choose to include. For this reason, that video will come first on Google. You should only include one video per page since Google will normally ignore any videos that come after that.

  • Promote your video to get more views:

After creating a great video, you will need to promote it wherever you can. You can include it on your social media, embed it in relevant blog posts, and even you can update your email subscribers when it goes live. You should not randomly add links to your videos, though, because you will be flagged as spam.

You will need to promote your videos in the right places at the right time which will bring in users that are desperate for good information and lead to you having one more loyal subscriber who loves what you do.

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