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  • August 14, 2022
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Create continuous series of Video content for a fixed budget with Proreal

Video is the new basic of corporate advertising. Nowadays each and every business must have video marketing. In order to make your video marketing successful you can implement numerous strategies.

The Proreal Entertainment can be your video production partner that can elevate your marketing strategy and grow your business with video. Having 5+ years of experience with specific expertise in supporting agencies they can help you to transform your briefs into video masterpieces—on time and on budget.

One of the most common forms they apply in general marketing is continuous advertising which means constantly reminding consumers of the need for a good or service and through which you will get continuous video advertising.

Social media is an excellent platform for doing this. You can also do this via television, radio, or the web and amongst other print advertisements. Here some methods and strategies are described that you can employ to help with your continuous video marketing on a budget.

  • Event opportunity:

One popular method is to capture interviews at any event you may be hosting. you can speak with multiple prominent leaders that come to your event in this strategy. You can also ask them questions relevant to the industry, or about why they are attending and then distribute that content over a period of time.

  • Talking heads:

You can create multiple videos in one sitting through the talking heads approach. With this talking head video, you just need to do an interview or chat with an industry expert. Also, they will give you advice or information about the industry, tell a story, or describe a process; whatever suits your company’s needs.

Take the expert to discuss their segments in short, informative paragraphs. Then split the segments into numerous videos that can then be drip-fed over various social media for an extended period of time. depending on the length you are going for you can make ten to fifteen videos.

  • Advice-based content:

You can produce content through advice-based videos. This advice-based content will give potential consumers tips or explanations about something related to their industry. This will give stir interest in your business by giving little titbits of information here and there. You can film someone speaking on different topics and then distributing the content sparingly throughout several weeks or months.

  • Time-lapse:

These quick time-lapse how-to videos can be both entertaining and useful. These videos do a great job of content marketing by creating simple, short videos that include your logo which is low-budget in production and requires minimum editing. You can use this method to demonstrate some of what your company does or create how-to videos for potential consumers.

  • Repurpose content:

In this method, you can reuse most of your raw video footage which can be re-edited and used in other videos. Through this, you will save time and money in the long run. Cycling your ads at different times on different social platforms will expand your market, but you have to keep in mind that you must not have too much repetition for customers who ‘follow’ you on multiple social media.

  • Bumper videos:

Google offers a method called bumper video campaigns which is short—6 seconds or less—and viewers can’t skip them. These are mainly micro commercials with a memorable message for the consumer and require minimum filming time. It is relatively easy to create several of these with only one day of production.


You can hire the Proreal Entertainment which has a professional expert team that will guide you in every step and provides you with very easy-to-work professional high-quality videos of line production, stage shows, fashion shows, drama shows, movie making, etc. in several Indian languages.

They will also guide you about those above six methods to help you continuously market your video ads on a fixed budget minimising your production and post-production time is going to be key in keeping costs down and utilizing what you already have.

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