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  • August 21, 2022
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Create something amazing today with Proreal Line production

Line Production of the Proreal Entertainment is a worldwide film production brand that will assist production companies to come and shoot hassle-free so they can take advantage of the unique sites and sounds they have to offer.

The Proreal production will take care of your film shooting needs. Their highly-skilled, experienced team can handhold your film productions, provide you with the most modern equipment, get shooting permissions, subsidy-grants guidance and get logistic facilitation in an unproblematic way. We grasp last-minute adjustments easily and align ourselves depending on your needs.

They will provide you with a dynamic team, quality equipment, logistics, shooting permissions, script approvals, subsidy guidance, and technical advice along with any other need within the boundaries of line production. Their experts will always be present to support you.

Line Production Services

  • This is the core specialty of The Proreal Production.
  • They arrange film shoots all over India.
  • They have a highly skilled production team & camera crew, world-class post-production facilities & movie studios, blended with cutting-edge technology that is easily available at a reasonable cost.
  • They will provide you with locations like magnificent royal palaces of Jaipur, Jodhpur & Udaipur, Phenomenal monuments in New Delhi, local festivals at Alleppey, Cochin, and ancient Hindu temples of Madurai, Chennai, and Trivandrum.
  • Get exotic geographical variety like the desert of Rajasthan, salt pan of rann of Kutch, holy Ganga River, and Varanasi Ghats in Uttar Pradesh! Breath-taking landscapes of Leh & Ladakh, the thick forest of South India &Munnar tea garden, erotiques of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, the elegance of Taj Mahal in Agra, and beaches of Goa& Kerala.
  • You will get colors & cultural diversity, the local traditions which will never exist anywhere in the world.
  • They will give you Production facilities or filming permits during the various festivals like Pushkar fair, Kumbh fair, Sonepur cattle fair, Marwar festival, tribal dances, folk music programs & puppets shows, tented accommodation in desert, camel safaris, the real kings and queens who can appear for films or tv commercials in special cases
  • The Proreal Entertainment can be your local line producers in Hyderabad, Pondicherry, (Puducherry) Mumba, Nepal, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Kochi Great Indian Desert, and the authentic rural settings in Bikaner or Barmer.

They can assure the highest standards & quality results which are their supreme priority. They have very successfully done projects in major cities of India and provided one-stop production shooting coordination.


The Proreal production will oversee all operations and logistics for a film, from the pre-production phase through the delivery of the completed work. Their crew will allocate the money and make sure the filming is done safely, creatively, on budget, and on time.

Their knowledge of union rules & regulations enables them smoothly to obtain all kinds of filming permits to shoot at the locations of the client’s choice. According to your budget, they can arrange vehicles, accommodations are it luxurious or heritage hotels or budget stays, and traveling by air or trains can be arranged. So don’t hesitate and hire The Proreal entertainment for your future line production projects.

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